Steve Licata


Steve has been teaching at Guitar Masters for several years now. He has a Bachelors in Music/Audio Engineering from Five Towns College. Steve is constantly writing, recording, and working on new material.

Besides teaching, he also plays guitar in Stillwell. A big accomplishment of his was that he recently completed writing and recording guitar tracks for their first album "Surrounded by Liars". This album is being exec. produced and written by Fieldy (KoRn), along with lead vocalist Q, and features Wuv (P.O.D.), and Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Dark New Day). The album is being mixed by Grammy award winner Polar Bear, and is being released under the Street Metal movement.

Steve also plays with the Long Island based rock band Half Hallow. Check them out if you love a great song with an old-school rock sound and attitude.


There's deffinitly more to come, including pics, music, and videos. Check back for updates...